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May the next Rinkhals come

Sunday, 27. May 2012

Yesterday Monique did attend a snake identification and handling course at the most recognized snake expert in South Africa.

A full day of learning about the different snakes, their venom, their behavior, how to identify the type of venom by observing symptoms, how to act on a bite incident, and last not least handling snakes.

Now it is about to wait whether she did pass the exam.

Well, the snake actually won’t care whether there is a certificate decorating the walls of our home, but guest of our to-be lodge well might.

Black Friday

Friday, 25. May 2012

What as day!

First an encounter with Big Brother and the Holy Company.

On my way home stop-over at Builders Warehouse to buy springs for the carburetor of the hearse – that is how colleagues call our matt black Volvo 122S.

On the road again for about one a scary metallic noise, very close – the gearbox? , the clutch pressure plate?

Noise gone, engine sounds normal, changing gear is no problem. Continuing my way very alerted.

Climbing up towards Blue Hill the noise again, and then the engine dies.

It is pitch dark – calling Monique (she does not like driving in the dark, but accompanied by Mungane she is coming with our Land Rover).

We decide to leave the car on the side of the pretty busy road (who will touch a car, that is pretty unique – meaning can’t barely be used or sold?) and pick it up at daylight.

The next morning: the car is gone!

3 hours later our land lord is calling “Ludger, what is with your Volvo?”
She has found it, about 2 km from where we left it, on a dirt road between farms and small holdings. Lucky coincidence she was going to a horse show on a road she only uses 3 – 4 times a year. Being surprised that there is a car like mine, and then seeing the “For Sale” sign with my phone number!

She gave me directions to the position and twenty minutes later I was there.
The flipper window was broken, the driver’s windows winded down. Broken glass on the driver’s seat and the dashboard, and the stone used for the damage in the foot space. The rope – obviously broken – still at the vehicle.

The saddest part, they vandalised the car, meaning jumped on the bonnet and on the roof. Even Swedish steel was not to resist such brute force.

Our first bad experience in South Africa!

My Love’s new Beauty

Saturday, 19. May 2012

It was love at first sight, when she saw the pictures in the internet. When she saw her face to face there was no holding back.

The MG Replica is history!  Now its … time.
Who knows make and model? Who can guess the year?

No more getting wet during rain, because the insert side windows were left at home.
No more fighting with Mungane that he stays down, and not scaring Monique that he may fall out of the vehicle.

Now a proper roof, doors with a lock, and even space for Mungane.