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From Durban to Richards Bay

Saturday, 14. April 2012

involuntarily – but to me a new part of South Africa, at least.

Sugar cane field as far as the eye can reach. The root cause for South Africa’s Indian population, and hence – indirectly – the origin of the concept of non-violent resistance.

Landscape with some resemblance to Tuscany. On the hilltops, hidden between trees, the mansions of the planters. The dwellings of the farm workers – picturesque?

Road-side idyll, and an enigma, once more.    Who unravels the mystery?


Half way to Richards Bay the landscape changes.  Sappi land  ….???

Sappi is a global pulp and paper company group. Sappi Forest Products, based in Southern Africa, produces commodity paper products, pulp, chemical cellulose and forest and timber products, and owns vast land strips, not only in Kwazulu-Natal.

Finally RCB       –    Richards Bay Airport

Not sure whether terminal is the right name for this building. Welcome to Zululand



This place is dead, at least this time of the day. Not a single soul visible. And my fellow  Durban-stranded co-passengers quickly disappeared – had either their car here, or got fetched.

The building can be very easily surveyed: the hint that the counter was closed was completely needless.

African Tale continued

Saturday, 14. April 2012

Made arrangements to get our Landy. Meaning had to get up early to catch a flight to Richards Bay, about 20 KM from where our vehicle is at the moment.
Left O.R.Tambo on time (8:30) with a smallish aircraft – De Havilland Dash 8 300. Nice flight. 30 minutes too arrival the captain announced bad weather in Richards Bay. Last 20 minutes in dense clouds but still a smooth flight.
Low hanging clouds in Richards Bay. After the second attempt to land – the runway was not visible and Richards Bay is a too small of an airport not facilitating a ILS – the captain decided to fly to Durban.
Arriving in Durban at 10:35 with beautiful weather and no clouds in the sky. But in Richards Bay still a very local bad weather system. SAA is arranging for a bus schedule to Richards Bay.
The bus leaves King Shaka International at 11:35. The driver indicates a 1.5 to 2 hour drive.
Let’s hurry up and wait.

A Sad, Sad Day

Friday, 13. April 2012

We were shocked about the condition of Cramby when we first saw her on Wednesday at the vet clinic and picked her up home.

But then she got better by the hour and we started to hope for full recovery. Check yesterday morning at the vet, and the next check meant to be on Tuesday.

Last night where we got some doubt. And this morning I went to work, and Monique to the vet.

They opened her up, and had to admit, there was nothing they could do. The damage was much bigger than what could be expected thru the x-ray and external examination. And Cramby’s body started to give up.

Cramby is gone

We are so sad !