Alerting Encounter

21. April 2012 by Ludger

I was walking Mungane this morning, our more extensive walk. Reaching the edge of a property with electric fencing I heard the ticking of a short-circuit.

The cause
– a snake.

A dead snake ! ?

I knew there was a pretty dangerous species, that plays dead,
and then strikes.

But was it one of these?

No idea, there was little specifics to describe but the size of the snake, and of one color, almost black.

Got home, sharing the sighting with Monique, looking our wild life books, asking the neighbours. Finally we went back to the place accompanied by Claudia, one of our neighbours.

The snake was dead! And it was of the species that plays dead – a Rinkhals (we could identify by lifting it up and and seeing the white collar rings),  a snake of the cobra family.

Bottom line: we have to be very cautious when walking our curious Mungane,
Where there is one Rinkhals, there  are more Rinkhals!

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    2 Responses to “Alerting Encounter”

    1. Jutta:

      Huh, das ist ja richtig gefährlich bei euch. Ich vermute mal die ist giftig, oder?

    2. Ludger:

      Giftig? – Ja – ist ‘ne Cobra: spuckt und beisst wenn man ihr zu nahe ommt und sie nicht abhauen kann.

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