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African Tale – Last Chapter

Sunday, 15. April 2012

After being ripped of by the taxi company I finally made my way from Richards Bay Airport to the B&B where we had been staying while our odyssey.

At least Land Rover Empangeny had brought the car here as agreed. I am looking forward to great cappuccino at the cafe and then my drive home.

I open the door to put my bag in the Land Rover and I encounter the next shock: “beep, beep, beep, …”
Sh…, if that is not the alarm of the dual battery system I’d be surprised! Ignition key in, turn, … – not even the ignition control lamp is going on.  The battery is flat, flat, flat.

Opening the tailgate I encounter the Fridge is still on!

Battery must have been flat already at Land Rover. I encounter Mungani’s blanket has been released from grid behind the back seat: a prerequisite for turning down the backrest to reach the battery system. They seem  to have jump-started at the workshop and then driven the car max 4km to the B&B.

The next call to AA, since I have got all kind of tools in the vehicle, but no jump-start cables, and nobody at the B&B has neither.

I order a cappuccino, and the lady of the coffee shop is calling her husband to come with a jump-start cable. He arrives after 10 minutes with his Toyota and is making jokes that I had chosen the wrong make. But his jump-start cables are not long enough, only reach the second battery.

Meanwhile AA has called back and the breakdown service arrives after another 10 minutes. His jump-start cable is long enough. Connecting, turning the ignition key, nothing but a click under the bonnet.
Letting it charge for about ten minutes before the second attempt. Better, but no success – just  one engine turn. Too little to get is starting.
I buy the service guy a cappuccino, and we wait for charging almost half an hour. Then, turning the key and the engine starts and purrs like a sewing machine.

I finally leave Empangeni 6 hours later than planned, getting on the road towards JOZI. Eventually arriving home at 1:30 AM