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Easter 2012

Wednesday, 11. April 2012

Easter Break ?

Adventure Holiday ?

Horror Trip ?

Lessons to be learned ? – But which ?

We were looking forward to a short Easter break, just Friday to Monday (including travel) in Kosi Bay. Situated just South of the border to Mozambique there were supposed to be all ingredients to quickly recharge the batteries:

  • Warmer than the Highveld, where the evenings and nights are becoming chilly
  • Beautiful beaches for tens of kilometers – access to the beaches is limited to 25 cars per beach and day. With max 100 people on kilometers of fine sand it’s definitely not over-crowed.
  • A unique eco-system – four interconnected lakes in the dunes, connected to the Indian Ocean and thus in the rhythm of the tides
  • And a camp we could bring Mungane with

But the trip turned out becoming completely different than anticipated.

  • We left on Friday much later than planned – so it was clear from the beginning: Arrival in the dark
  • At 5 PM at about 100 km/h the left rear tyre blew
  • But we finally made it: Arriving at the Eco camp at 2:00 AM
  • Saturday – Beach: Panga Neck – beautiful
  • At 5 PM 4 km from the beach and 6 km to go to the tar road: break down
  • Our “tow truck” arrived with the last glimpse of daylight
  • 6 km in 4 hours – back in the camp at midnight
  • Sunday morning getting the car fixed
  • and the rest of the day: just relaxing
  • Monday is time to return to Jozi, starting slow, spent some time in the next town
  • At 2 PM, not far away from Kosi Bay yet, the engine died again
  • AA indicated 2 hours waiting time, the tow truck arrived at 6:30 PM. Meanwhile it was pitch dark in the middle of nowhere.
  • Arrived in Empangeni at 11:30 PM, the B&B  not aware that we were coming
  • Tuesday, I should be back in the office
  • At 7 AM I saw the tow truck with our Landy passing by towards the Land Rover dealership
  • At 2 PM they didn’t even have a look at the car
  • Getting a call from home: Cramby has been bitten by a dog and is in the vet clinic
  • We moved heaven and earth, but getting the Landy back this day is very unlikely. Getting a rental car big enough for us, Mungane and all our stuff in the Landy – only tomorrow. And a small car? between 5:30 and 6 PM earliest.
  • Leaving Empangeni at 6 PM, arriving back home a 3 AM on Wednesday

More details (with pictures) within the next days.

Finally a guessing game (for the technical interested party):  What happened to our vehicle, and why?