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Theme of the day: Waiting

Tuesday, 10. April 2012

I should be in the office, at least on my way to office, but for now the only thing I can do is waiting. Waiting for our Land Rover get transported by to the garage, waiting for Monique to get up, waiting for Land Rover to give me an indication when the car is done, waiting …

But the mood is still good, although one can see, that recreation is fading away.

While Mungane is still patient, the later it get’s the more I get impatient. Waiting for hours for the car just to be looked at, not speaking about getting it done. Then the bad news from home that Cramby has been bitten and is at the vet clinic. Even though the landlord of the B&B tried to help out – he has been a salesman at the Land Rover dealership and knows the principal owner – it becomes clear no chance getting the car done today.

Enervating phone calls with AA. And finally after 6 PM being ready to hit the road back home with a rental car. More than six hours in the dark avoiding to hit a pothole.