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Adventure in the Dunes

Saturday, 7. April 2012

On the way back from the beach, we got stuck – 6 kilometers from the tar road.

Luckily we had a local guide, but until rescue arrived it was pitch dark. Therefor no attempts to fix, but get ready to be towed (by knotting the chain).

The pull truck was strong, but the Defender is heavy, and Kosi Bay dunes’ sand is deep. Luckily we had our brand new sand ladders on board.

But even these where not good enough. Man power was needed. And the winch, and lots of pulling back and forward.

We finally made it, after 6 hours – an ox waggon of the settlers was almost as fast.
Since everything was closed when we reach civilization we invited our rescue team for breakfast the next day.

Then fixing the car.

Something had blocked the pipe between the tank and the Diesel filter!

Indian Ocean

Saturday, 7. April 2012

Due to the puncture we did arrive very late – got the tent ready by 2 am. Luckily it was full moon.

The next morning started with challenges, and even disappointment. The place where we stayed did their reservation with another place – they said their neighbours – called Kosi Bay Cabins. On the Internet saying they had a pool and a fully fledged restaurant. After the Friday / travel experience we wanted to spoil ourselves by having breakfast at the restaurant before heading to the beach.
But nobody could exactly tell – the management was not on the premises – how to get to Kosi Bay Cabins. It definitely wasn’t a direct neighbour. So we were path finding on the sandy paths around our camp site – luckily we have 4×4 and low gear.

Our appetite for breakfast made us misread signs, so we ended up at Kosi Bay Cabanas. (retrospective fortunately)

Nice people there, who  accepted our dog, served us a rustic breakfast and listened to our plans: Going with  Mungane to the beach.

oh, oh

  • The beach is some kilometers away, and without a local guide (who gets paid on a daily basis) we won’t find it.
  • And first of all we would need to get us an access permit (and for some of the beaches it might be already too late), since access is limited to 25 cars per day. Actually great: even if you would count 4 people per car, there would be a total of 100 humans on a couple of kilometers beach.
  • And the dog – bad idea. Dogs are off limit at the beaches.

To be honest, we didn’t do our homework very diligently. We heard a about the empty beaches of the area, and about some unique ecological features, and about some special fishing techniques of the locals. So we were happy to find a campsite that did not only accept pets, but did not limit to small dogs either. Their feedback: “We are fine, as long as you don’t bring an elephant”. And then there were pictures of people with dogs on the beaches.

Anyway, eventually there was a solution for everything. The landlord phoned a local guide he knew, who helped to get us a permit, and who recommended a beach where we might have a chance to access without access control.

Parking the Landy in the shadow, but where is the ocean?

Almost   empty beaches.

Monique enjoys the waves. But all her attempts to lure Mungane fail.