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A Posh Dog

Monday, 23. January 2012

Watch the leg posture !

“Now you are in Africa”

Sunday, 22. January 2012

said our neighbours when they saw our new old car.

First Task: Inventory

Enough spare parts!






To be stuck? 12 tons winch!

Dual Battery system and power inverter. Highlift jack and gas bottle cooker.

Mungani checking out the flash light.


“Open the awning and set up the table!”



Dog safety grid “self-imported” from Germany.

Obviously well accepted.



Ready to go !

Environment: nice ! Connectivity: a challenge !

Sunday, 15. January 2012

Some may have asked themselves whether I have stopped posting. There are two reasons why the rate of my posts has come down:

  • It is pretty hectic at work, and with my extended commute time I am home rather late
  • We are still struggling with connectivity – the speed of our connection is close to that of the days of 56k modems

But the environment here is nice. To share it a bit I take you on a walk with Mungane.

The procedure at the gate he knows, and can handle – if he wants – without commands:
Sit! – Stay! (door slides open) – Come! – Sit! – Stay! (door closes) – Let’s walk!

Outside the gate turning right into Du Toit Road. Two plots down the wetland, three plots up the closest Ridgeback neighbour. Monique hopes Mugane will exceed him in size.

The turning point of our walk today is behind the top of the hill at the end of the road.

No through traffic makes it a street easy to walk with the dog.