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Why you need a 4×4

Tuesday, 31. January 2012

Too short of a leave, so we had to leave Maboti.

Low Gear?   Yes, for some sections. Difflock? No, it is not such rough!


But all across the Waterberg, from East to West, requires some bio-breaks for Mungani.

River deep – mountain high

Monday, 30. January 2012

With the camp all for just us, it was time to relax.

Check out how best to position the vehicle if the area is not even – has impact on how well you sleep!

Some cooking, some walking, some …

And great – scary? – experiences for Mungani. After he first did jump into the river as if it was his pool at home, – sh…, no ground under the paws, must swim – he now carefully tests the water.

Mabote River Camp

Sunday, 29. January 2012

To save at least two days of my remaining 2011 leave we went off to the Waterberg. A great opportunity to first time make use of our new car. We selected Mabote River Camp in the very Eastern part of the Waterberg, since it was indicated as a pet friendly camp; meaning we could take Mungane with us.

We choose the option with some comfort – hot water and ablution facilities, the Berg Camp. First time using the Landy and not yet sure about using all it’s features, we decided not to chose the camp we would have been completely self-reliant.

We were lucky – nobody else in the camp.