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Concerns brushed away

Saturday, 3. December 2011

We had agreed for a braai at friends’ place, and Mungani having with us. Our conern where due to Texas, our friends’ Labrador. Each time at their place the challenge is passing an overexcited Texas, and overcoming the time until he has calmed down.

So how would he react if an intruder was entering his territory?

Monique recommended that she and Mungani was meeting Eric and Texas outside, on the street – on neutral territory – so socialize.

Good plan, but execution failed. Monique was with Mungani on the lawn next to the street. And when I was entering the property by the car, off was Texas out on the street on his own. So Eric had to chase Texas, because he didn’t listen, and so he met Mungani first time in the yard.
There was excitement, but no aggression. It took a load of Monique’s mind.

But after five minutes there were other worries, worries about Texas.

Mungani had taken over the territory, and the 55 kg Texas was whining trying to escape into the house, or hiding under the table.