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Finally – connected again

Tuesday, 8. November 2011

it took more than a month ’till we got internet connectivity again. So expect more frequent posts, and some in retrospect.

Eish, Australia is not the last country?

Friday, 4. November 2011

One could start to philosophize about the meaning of “last”, and in what perspective or dimension Australia might be ranked last. But the solution is much easier!

Monique once more had here lectures in geography, today with our new household helper. I wonder how a map would look like, drawn according to Elisabeth’s perception of the earth.

Yes, she knows who Barack Obama is. But no, he is not the president of America, but only of the United States of (North) America! Does she know the 5 continents? – No idea what you are talking about, Monique.
Do you know where Germany is located? – No clue.
But to get to Nigeria (from South Africa) does one need to go overseas? Oh, on land!? But how long would it take to get there?
So, the earth is a ball, and traveling it you would end where you started!?!
Eish, Australia is not the last country then?

Well, the earth is not a disk!