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Mungane – Monique’s Birthday Antedated

Wednesday, 12. October 2011

Mungane is the Nbedele word for friend, And guess what, Monique has got one, or should I say, we have got a new family member?

Knowing Monique now for some years I should have anticipated what happened today.

But let me tell the story step by step.

Since the moment we were starting to discuss our plans w.r.t. moving into the bush, there was one precondition: Monique would not stay in the middle of nowhere without a dog, as a matter of security. And she had already looked around what breed might best suitable. And Ridgebacks became her favorites.

A second factor had to be considered: Fintch and Cramby. Monique: “This only will work if we get a puppie.”

While we were moving, I first time thought about Monique’s birthday present, and there was a flash of a thought “Should we look for a Ridgeback?” Then getting settled was top of the agenda, and no thoughts about puppies.

The first night we could a bit relax since most things were unpacked, we started to talk about how, and when with who celebrate her birthday. While contemplating the different options she said: “You could get me a puppie for my birthday”

I contacted Ridgeback specialists, but litters are rare these days. So the idea matured taking some days of – from Monique’s birthday  to the following weekend and driving to Kruger NP. There was litter on a Game farm next to Kruger and there was a litter to come with the district ranger of Crocodile Bridge at Kruger NP.

Then things began to move fast. The litter on the game farm was prebooked. Liz from the Ridgeback organisation pinged us about a rescue litter in Pretoria, Monique called the lady who had rescued the litter – two males were left that time. When I came from work, I had a 30 minutes stopover to go to Pretoria (luckily we are almost half way there now) to see the puppies.

I should have known Monique good enough, That it won’t be looking at the litter, but we would go home with a new family member.