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Back Home, Finally

Sunday, 11. September 2011

Although it was great seeing family after such a long time, the last couple of days have been very exhausting, if not stressful. So we are happy to be back home.

Stress was not due to the family but the general set-up, and it was mainly caused by a company not really coming to the party for a number of weeks. Leading to a situation that within 24 hours I not only had to arrange a travel, but also get approval for it. So there was no lead time, and hence no chance inform friends upfront, that we were coming. And even while the only 60 hours on German soil, there were efforts needed to chase them for  the documents we needed to  go back. And if that was not stressful enough which each communication they posed another complication that had to be sorted. So we saw much less friends than we hoped to see.

Sorry guys, next time.
Or even better and more relaxing, you come and see us, and encounter African time and tranquility.

No wonder with this hectic trip, that the flight back was not as smooth as usual, it took us almost two hours longer than planned. We got stuck in the aircraft at the gate in Frankfurt for an hour due to Eurocontrol not providing an earlier slot cause of issues in the Greek airspace. Then in Jo’burg we got stuck on the taxiway, because an Airbus was blocking the taxi and so the access to our parking position, and had to be towed away. Lufthansa A380 bord cameras  gave at least a picture of the situation, so we somewhat saw the progress they were making.

A strange feeling, especially for Monique, being back home “as  a tourist”.