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Short Notice

Tuesday, 6. September 2011

Almost two years ago it was at noon, when we got the notification we could pick our passports at the embassy in Berlin, while we were booked on the flight to Jo’burg the very same night. We managed to get them delivered at our empty house in Darmstadt some-when between 17:00 and 18:00, just in time to get into the taxis to the airport.

This afternoon between 2 and 3 I was told that I need to leave the country before midnight tomorrow for a country not bordering South Africa for at least two days. At this point in time I not even had a passport, since our passports were still with the company submitting the application for my work permit. And I neither could get hold of them nor did they ever answer any of my questions within the given deadlines. While escalating I got pinged that our passports were at HR. Between then and now (19:30) I not only managed to get a quote for the trip – since there were no flights to Dubai available for tomorrow the obvious option was Frankfurt – but also the travel approval process successfully terminated.

While it could not have been more stressful, there where encounters to smile, although then I was about rather to cry than to laugh. For instance when the conformation that I must not travel to a country with a border to South Africa I was suggested to go to Botswana. Or when I was recommended to fly to Nigeria, completely ignorant that getting a visa for Nigeria not only would cost a fortune – 20,000 Rand -, but would require sophisticated rational and an invitation, and getting it within 10 days was close to a miracle; not to speak about the vaccination needed as a prerequisite for it and especially to get back into South Africa.

Bottom line:

Germany, we are coming !

For a short 2 day stay-over.