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Sunday, 25. September 2011

Some say IBM stands for I’ve been moved. In my case it is IM – I moved.
As of today we live no longer in the city – although there are still some things left in the house in Sandton – but we are living in a farm area. North of Sandton, in one of 8 cottages on a property, with 12 horses, 10 dogs, and … around.

And on the neighbour’s plot: an ostrich, some red buck, some impala,, and some other antelopes.

First Step out of Sandton

Wednesday, 21. September 2011

A while ago at a friend’s bash “Girls on the Move” were recommended as a moving company. We finally choose them over the “Boys in Blue” to help us leaving Sandton. It turned out that the girls had some guys with them, actually the truck driver was a guy.

Today was the first step, meaning getting a decent amount of our stuff into a storage.

The girls are actually short, but strong ladies. Although they had a tail lift at their 8 tons truck, they preferred lifting the piano manually through the side door. That is Africa!


Sunday, 18. September 2011

I was pretty exhausted yesterday, so I went to bed early and fell asleep immediately.

What had I eaten today? I woke up because I was thirsty.

Going downstairs I was wondering that the lights were still on. And  while still semi-somnolent trying to get the situation right, Monique came in thru the sliding window saying “Happy Birthday!”

It was only just after midnight. I had to come out to see her preparations for the bash, and to toast with her on my birthday.

I am looking forward to experience her birthday present:

Flying the Cessna she did fly with to Sabie Sabie