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Counting the days …

Friday, 19. August 2011

… until my work permit runs out, and hopefully the appointed agent has submitted my new application not at last minute, likewise with colleagues of mine.

… until we leave our place in Sandton and move towards the countryside.

… until we get clarity whether our plans w.r.t. Dinokeng can be substantiated

What am I doing here? Why am I doing this?

Thursday, 11. August 2011

I was expecting a text message between 1 and 2 this afternoon indicating a good arrival in Sabie Sabie.

Well, I got a call at about half past five with the theme “What am I doing here? Why am I doing this?”

Obviously Monique did arrive well in the greater Kruger area, although there were a few moments when she was missing my knee to squeeze. 😉 A Cessna 182 just lets you feel that air has different densities and dynamics.

Approaching the runway she detected a lion next to it and did alert the pilot. After landing the pilot turned the aircraft towards the lion and they encountered there were about 8 lionesses with their cubs.

Directly after arrival the first bush walk, about 3,5 hours, no dangerous encounters. Happy! Since those preparing the camp since yesterday  told there were 3 lions in the camp last night.

What am I doing here? Why am I doing this?

Up up and away

Thursday, 11. August 2011

The destination this morning: S 25° 51’42” E 028° 26’49”
or in normal language: Kitty Hawk

Monique at least
already had seen – ZS-AFO –  (on the internet),

and heard
–”Don’t bring a big bag or suitcase, but only soft bags” (Wouter on the phone) –
what she was going to expect.


But did she really know?

Initial instructions from the pilot.

Her V-sign doesn’t look too convincing.

The longest part of the preparation was looking for barf bag, while the professional head set fits nicely.

Doors in flight, engine running, taxi from the hangar – a shy wave good bye.

Accelerating uphill, still on the ground – and up it goes.