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The first step to leave Sandton

Sunday, 28. August 2011

This morning we signed our new lease contract.

Lease contract?

Well ….

  • we discussed what we want w.r.t. flooring;
  • he landlord explained what he intends to do with the kitchen;
  • we agreed on a deposit and
  • got the remote to the electric door to the property

As easy as this.

Hopefully this attitude will last!

Asking Riddles

Saturday, 27. August 2011

To brain this blog up, and hopefully to activate some feedback a new kind.

  • What does the picture express?
  • What is the background / the reason?

I am curious on your posts.








You need to be more demanding !

Sunday, 21. August 2011

… or offer the right carrot!

Otherwise Monique most likely never will contribute to the blog. An you never will hear about her amazing experiences; from

  • lions that observe landing aircrafts
  • 16 km tracking on foot in the bush
  • lions patrolling in between the tents at night
  • chasing hyenas with a catapult to prevent them intruding the kitchen

Whether you learn more details about this and much more, it is up to you to convince her to write.