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Searching for Fuel

Friday, 15. July 2011

The petroleum workers are on strike. Hence and due to the fact that a number of tank truck drivers feel intimidated pump stations in certain areas are running dry. Johannesburg is one of the most affected areas. Since nobody knows how long the strike will go on, and although my tank has been still half full, I looked to fill it up. Guess what all the stations around have been empty, and so the garages towards the Beetle Garage (where we brought Monique’s car to fix backfire) and back. Since we planned to go to Dinokeng the weekend I started getting a bit nervous.

Guess what, driving through an area where no Sandton homesteader and  most white South Africans wouldn’t go we found a garage that had all kinds of fuel, different octane petrol and diesel, even low-sulfur diesel. So we have found a source that our tanks wouldn’t run dry.