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5. June 2011 by Ludger

More than two weeks without internet access.

Calls to the provider’s hotline – without substantial results. Finally seeing the provider’s technical team, and let them check the router ( I was not even able to access it at home). Interestingly it showed the factory settings. After changing it worked at the ISP. At home it worked once, twice, gone. At least now I could access the router – has switched to Telkom guest account. But changing not possible.

Okay next time I had to see customer’s downtown and my schedule left some room, back to the ISP. Checking there it works fine. Back home – it works!. Leaving a note for Monique on the table: Everything is okay.

When I come home at night Monique is frustrated. The internet doesn’t work. She could look up one email, then it stuck. Double check from my laptops: no access. Checking the router …. see above.

The next day Monique went to Telkom to get the router exchanged.

In the evening installing the new router: No DSL line.
Opening a call Telkom: “At our site everything looks fine” But it is not working! Might be a line issue, needs to be transfered to the technicians.

Next day, just leaving customer premises, a call from a Telkom technician. He needs to check the wiring, is standing in front of our door. Obviously once more the door bell is not working – may be it is too cold.

The technician makes some (strange) chances to the connecting cables, checks with is PC – everything is fine – and wants to leave. Monique stops him since with our PC it is not working. She forces him to call the hotline of our ISP. Together they come to the conclusion all is fine on  their sides. Even the router says DSL and internet access. But we can’t get to any website.

They are leaving Monique with the statement: “Everything is fine on our side, there msut be something wrong with your LAN, but this is something we can’t fix.

LAN issue ?!   –   Bull…. !  How can it be a LAN issue if I can access the network drive from my PC?

Finally today I did reach out to Lars-Olof, and with his support I could fix it.

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