Monique’s reading

5. June 2011 by Ludger

Having no internet access is a nightmare, but it means less distraction too.

May be this is good for Monique’s endeavour. These days she is reading from morning to night. She has got meanwhile the class material from FGASA (Field Guide Association of South Africa), and we have bought the most important highly recommended books.

The timetable of her class is going to be tough: each day a 3-4 hours gamedrive and an as long game / field walk. In addition the students have to cover all ranger tasks circulating, from preparing early breakfast, to wake-up calls, and checking the car for readiness for a gamedrive. There will be little time left for the theoretical studies of the 17 modules covered in the course. But the questionnaire for the theoretical part of the examen is on its own 95 pages (A4) of length; just the assessment form for the examen is additional 18 pages long.

Now there is just a week left for preparation. Next Saturady morning we will be on the road towards the border to Botswana in the very north of South Africa.

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