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Fascinating Storm

Friday, 25. March 2011

What used to be a daily experience, this year is hwat quite rare: the heavy late afternoon storms.

But today we encountered one.

Have you ever experienced two lightnings within seconds, and you hear the roaring thunder of the second before the first?

That is African storms.

Leaving Madikwe

Thursday, 3. March 2011

Once more getting up early for a morning game drive. And once more Johnny preparing a bush breakfast while our drive.

One of the rare sightings this morning:
A brown hyena;

Another one:
a mongoose
looking out of its den.

A breeding herd of elefants enjoyed their breakfast.
And the smallest baby had already adapted an important rule: “Früh übt sich , wer ein Meister (im Bäume zerstören) werden will.”

The springboks don’t give us the cold shoulder, but attempt to stay cool by turning their bright side towards the sun.

The animal most happy with our drive must have been the bullfrog. Since the vibrations of our approaching vehicle did chase away a Mozambiquean Spitting Cobra, that was about to attack the frog.

There was much more.

Yet here,

another hidden picture

for another

Fat Bastard


When we finally left in our closed car Monique felt save enough, to shoot some animal pictures: Not only the elefant interrupting his shower!
Is there anything under the trees?

What else in Madike? – Not only drama!

Wednesday, 2. March 2011

One of the most fascinating scenes was what we called the giraffe ballet.



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