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Cocktail Party at the US consul general’s home

Thursday, 24. February 2011

Traditionally once a year the recent US consul general invites the members of the American Society of South Africa (ASSA) to a cocktail party at his place.

Based on his crutches the consul opened the evening with a humerous welcoming speech, around his recently twice proved ability to completely destroy a high-end bicycle.

A nice evening with some interesting talks.

Another Legend

Sunday, 20. February 2011

To conclude the South African part of his recent tour Abdullah Ibrahim hit for one night only the Lyric Theatre at the Gold Reef Casino on February 19th.
At the age of 76 Abdullah Ibrahim remains as busy as ever, not only touring around the globe, but supporting young talented SA Jazz musicians by giving them stage for a good half an hour right in the middle of his concert, after the break. And to foster the cultural live, and especially Jazz he announced the opening of a Jazz club in Johannesburg, a joint venture at a new venue with one of the top restaurants in the northern suburbs.

On stage with Abdullah Ibrahim his New York based septet Ekaya. As if his presence would not have been enough the evening with him and Ekaya turned into in a performance of superlative Jazz, barely to top. Starting at 8 PM, and with just a 30 minutes interval, we left the theatre only after midnight, enriched by a possibly once in a live-time experience.

The musical sacle did range from short solo performances over sophisticated and almost ruminant pieces of a trio of piano, bass and drums to very energetic sets with his wind section (German flute, 2-3 saxs, trombone).  Such consonance, seamless transition between the solo parts, and intense dialogues between the different instruments I experienced probably never before.

To find out when they hit Germany go to

How strong is a Hibiscus?

Tuesday, 15. February 2011

Monique standing in our garden – day dreaming.

What is this there in our Hibiscus?
In about 2,50 to 3 meters height, an orange-redish, furry something
of about 30 centimeters length?

Shwooooppp !!!

In a cloud of leaves Fintch is landing on the lawn.

Obviously branches only as thick as a little finger can’t carry him.

What the heck was on his mind?
Does he meanwhile think he not only got a name of a bird, but is one?

This indeed would explain some other behaviour.
Whenever birds high up in the trees are in turmoil due to his presence on the lawn, he is starring up to them and with the softest voice ever saying: “Miiiiaaooww”