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How strong is a Hibiscus?

Tuesday, 15. February 2011

Monique standing in our garden – day dreaming.

What is this there in our Hibiscus?
In about 2,50 to 3 meters height, an orange-redish, furry something
of about 30 centimeters length?

Shwooooppp !!!

In a cloud of leaves Fintch is landing on the lawn.

Obviously branches only as thick as a little finger can’t carry him.

What the heck was on his mind?
Does he meanwhile think he not only got a name of a bird, but is one?

This indeed would explain some other behaviour.
Whenever birds high up in the trees are in turmoil due to his presence on the lawn, he is starring up to them and with the softest voice ever saying: “Miiiiaaooww”