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Car caused Experience IV

Saturday, 22. January 2011

It happened already a week ago, but I was just too busy to post (and Monique constantly refuses to step in).
We did a ride for Monique to become more accustomed to the car. Down Grayston Drive, then Katherine towards Marlborough, some freeway experience via Buccleuch interchange to Rivonia Road off-ramp, and up Rivonia to Sandton.
On Rivonia, a taxi driver took what he felt a challenge, forcing his old minibus uphill to pass us. He eventually made it, but then – call for business -, he had to stop. We passed, but he picked up the challenge again. Monique wasn’t joining in. But the taxi driver gave no mercy, the mini-bus engine yelling he passed once more only to be stopped by another business opportunity. This happened multiple times ’till we turned off heading home.
There was one guy sitting in the backrow of the taxi, I felt sorry for. He got so intrigued with our car. When taxi passed he turned his to not loos sight to almost 180 degrees. Each passing manoeuvre he turned his head left or right – depending where we passed/got passed – to terrifying angles.
What else?
Taxis not only honk the horn to call potential passenger’s attention, but also to express their appreciation for Monique’s car.

Climate Change

Sunday, 16. January 2011

Summer is the wet season in South Africa, which means an almost daily storm in the late afternoon/early evening. No longer than two hours and the weather is fine again.
This year we are lacking these heavy storms with lightnings all around and roaring thunder, which I like so much. Instead we encounter frequent abundant rains, which don’t bother too much if they are all night long. But a couple of hours of drizzle during the day can become annoying.
These days South Africa too is encountering floods – luckily not as bad as Australia, Brazil and other parts of the world, but they cause damage and already caused some fatalities. The heaviest floods are expected in provinces, that don’t have much rain so far. This is due to the fact that all the dams on the Highveld are on 100% -some already 115%- capacity.

Car caused experience III

Thursday, 13. January 2011

Larry called the car was back at Minty’s and almost ready, asking whether we would pick it today and settle the account. They have opened until 5 PM, and I told him to show up between 4:30 and 5:00. At 4:30 Larry called again, asking whether I was still on my way.
When I arrived at our gate shortly after half past four to pick up Monique, the guard told me she already was gone. Finally getting the car made her walk. 😉
Meeting her at Minty’s she told me the car wasn’t ready yet – they wanted to align the steering wheel. The car once more was surrounded by a crowd, mechanics and customers and Larry was sharing his experiences.
He told us at each stop people did ask how much it was, and he had to reinstate that it was not his car, and it was not for sale. At the garage where he stopped to refuel he felt stupid. They had to search for a while for the filler neck, which actually is under the bonnet. He said he had an adrenaline pushing experience too.
He was pulled over by the cops. Immediately he was asking himself what he did wrong, searching for the seat belt, since he wasn’t buckled up, but there was no.
When the officers arrived at the car he was fingering for his license. But they where not interested in his license, they where not after a spot fine, but only interested in the car. They kept him for twenty minutes, watching and discussing the car.

Bottom line, Larry could enjoy the car for another night.