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Sunday Rest – a Foreign Word

Sunday, 23. January 2011

As of 8 AM the sound and rhythm of sledgehammers was our background music.
2 1/2 weeks ago our neighbour’s house was on fire. We had the impression the cleanup was already done, but it seems they take the opportunity and almost rebuild the house. Luckily in the afternoon they did some less noisy work.

What happened back then?
The boy said to his little sister “I have the feeling somethings is wrong with your room.” But she didn’t react too much, so he said “I guess I should call mom!”
This sentence did alert the domestic staff, and she went upstairs. When she opened the door to the walk-in closet leading to the little girl’s room, the closet already was on fire.
Suspicious the boy had played with a candle setting the curtains on fire. Lots of synthetics in the room, and the disaster took its course. What started like teasing amongst siblings turned to severity.
Luckily nobody did get hurt.

But today the follow-up did disturb a relaxing Sunday.