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Car caused Experience

Saturday, 8. January 2011

Monique’s car was bought “Voetstoet” (gekauft wie gesehen), as almost every deal is done here in South Africa. It had a RWC (road-worthy certificate), new tyres, all paper work, but we were recommended to check wheel alignment.
So Monique did phone Minty’s tyre shop around the corner asking whether they would do wheel alignment and balance, and in case for an appointment. The response: “Yes, we do. Just come in on Saturday, we are open as of 7:00”
When Monique rushed in with her car she did create some turmoil. She did drive right into the workshop, instead parking in the yard, which may have caused some attention, but what happened was due to the car. There are five car elevators at Minty’s to do the tyres, plus two wheel alignment stations. Monique hadn’t stopped the car yet when everybody had turned around, eyes and mouths wide open. Wonder that nobody dropped his tools. Within seconds we were surrounded by guys, and it seemed everybody wanted to work now on this one.
Then the challenges: Balancing wheels – impossible, at least with the state-of-the-art machinery. The historic rims don’t fit.
Okay, then wheel alignment. The guys were keen to drive it onto the auto hoist. We were happy to let them since due to the narrow track gauge there was precision needed driving on the edges of the platforms.
Indeed, there was some serious work needed to get the wheels aligned. not to be done in the remaining time on a Saturday. So we left the car for sleeping in the workshop.