Allergic Reaction

23. December 2010 by Ludger

When I came home from work, Monique did ask “so, what is the plan for tonight?”  She had in mind that is was the last evening before her flying to Germany.

So we decided eating out. An since she was keen for fish, I checked out the internet. I found a pretty historic place – The Radium Beer Hall, situated in a neigbourhood the most part of  (white) South Africans most likely won’t. Atmosphere was great, food was good – I had Chicken Liver Peri Peri, and Yellow Tail, and sparkling water.

I always thought, I am not very allergic, but what started happening on our way home already wasn’t fun at all. I save yourself the details, most disturbuing my ever color changing skin from fire red to pale white forth and back, and heavy breathing.

At about 1 am I finaly was convinced seeing the emergency room.

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