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Allergic Reaction

Thursday, 23. December 2010

When I came home from work, Monique did ask “so, what is the plan for tonight?”¬† She had in mind that is was the last evening before her flying to Germany.

So we decided eating out. An since she was keen for fish, I checked out the internet. I found a pretty historic place – The Radium Beer Hall, situated in a neigbourhood the most part of¬† (white) South Africans most likely won’t. Atmosphere was great, food was good – I had Chicken Liver Peri Peri, and Yellow Tail, and sparkling water.

I always thought, I am not very allergic, but what started happening on our way home already wasn’t fun at all. I save yourself the details, most disturbuing my ever color changing skin from fire red to pale white forth and back, and heavy breathing.

At about 1 am I finaly was convinced seeing the emergency room.

Administrative Formalities Handled Successfully

Thursday, 23. December 2010

Actually at the first attempt I did manage to get Monique’s car registered, although there were some hiccups to get it done.

The challenges started very basic – what is the right administrative body? I did remember our car did get registered in Midrand. Thanks Google I quickly found it was the Licensing Department. But the address provided on the web didn’t resolve at any of the online maps, nor on my GPS – this intersection didn’t exist.

Trying to remember how the guy from the dealership drove last October when regsitering our Navarra. With the help of satellite pictures and element of the address provided I figured out the potential location. And indeed arriving there at 7:00, I did remember the place.

I was the last car that could enter the access way, waiting that they open the gate a 7:30. Everybody coming later had to queue on the street. They did open on time, and I was amongst the first queueing at the counter. Filled forms, passport, proof of residency, drivers license, … – I thought I had everything at hand, and I would be done in a matter of minutes, only to learn that I need to fill another form, and that I would need photographs.

So I drove back to the gate. In front of the gate at least 4 mobile businesses on passport photographs and document copies. I got immediately surrounded by a number of guys, each of them wanted to get the business, and they almost did start fighting.

Okay, got the pictures. The next challenge filling the form, since it required data, that I didn’t have at hand. I did call Monique, searching for my traffic registry number etc, and I have to admit I was about giving up. We jointly found the number. I completed the form, got almost directly to the counter to get my queue number.

After about half an hour my number was called. And then it did run pretty smooth, another 10 minutes and payment of the fees, and I was done.

First time I handled administrative formalitities  completely on my own successfully.