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Monique is becoming a tour guide

Monday, 29. November 2010


At least she was the driver, while Thuli from Phaphama was once more the guide for a very custom SOWETO tour – this time for Gudula, Stefan and Bernulf.

While they where at some obvious places, such as the taxi rank and market opposite to Baragwanath Hospital, Vikazi Street, and Kliptown Square where in 1955 the Freedom Charter was signed, Thuli  once more had arranged for lunch at a host family and meeting people in an informal settlement. Per special request РBernulf working at German television ZDF, Stefan is a firefighter Рshe did arrange visiting SOWETO TV and a SOWETO fire station.

Bernulf was impressed with how little equipment compared to his daily work environment you can go on air.

And Stefan could hardly believe to what scale in respect of fire engines and staff the firefighters in Mainz are better equipped than their colleagues in SOWETO while only serving a fraction of SOWETO’s size and population.