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Wednesday, 3. November 2010

Monique has found a first gallery in South Africa, and there are good chances that she is going to have a solo-exhibition there next year. I am so happy for and proud of her.

The Unity Gallery has launched at the Bus Factory in March this year, right in the heart what is today known the Cultural Precinct, after it has been running on the far outskirts of the Joburg arts world for six years. The organization has become well recognised amongst city creatives for the wild and weird art it produces (very often from waste materials), and also for the bizarre collection of people who gather there. On any one day you’re likely to find rastas, pentacostals, hip hop heads, hippies, elderly whiteys, ad agency types, wanna be artists and high flyers all shooting the breeze happily together – a rarity in an often very precious local arts scene.

At the turn of the 20th century, the Newtown Precinct was originally known as the Brickfields. This area was rich in clay, brick making became the most popular form of generating income, and even better if an individual had their own clay mixer for making bricks. By 1896, about 7 000 people of all races lived in the Brickfields area, later named Burghersdorp. Newtown has now become synonymous with the heritage and culture of South Africa and especially Johannesburg. Hence it is universally known as the Cultural Precinct, located in the western sector of the Johannesburg city centre. It is housing amongst others the Market Theatre, MuseuMAfrica, Mary Fitzgerald Square, Dance Factory, Sci-bono discovery centre, and the SAB Museum.

National Design and Craft Centre
Situated at the historic Bus Factory, which was the city’s tram and bus sheds from the late 1930’s until it was decommissioned in the early 1990’s. This is ideal for those tourists who want a one-stop-shop for the best in South African arts and crafts. The building has been transformed into an integrated business co-operative specialising in manufacture, marketing, sales and export of South African inspired craft, jewellery and home decor products.

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