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Monique is becoming a tour guide

Monday, 29. November 2010


At least she was the driver, while Thuli from Phaphama was once more the guide for a very custom SOWETO tour – this time for Gudula, Stefan and Bernulf.

While they where at some obvious places, such as the taxi rank and market opposite to Baragwanath Hospital, Vikazi Street, and Kliptown Square where in 1955 the Freedom Charter was signed, Thuli  once more had arranged for lunch at a host family and meeting people in an informal settlement. Per special request РBernulf working at German television ZDF, Stefan is a firefighter Рshe did arrange visiting SOWETO TV and a SOWETO fire station.

Bernulf was impressed with how little equipment compared to his daily work environment you can go on air.

And Stefan could hardly believe to what scale in respect of fire engines and staff the firefighters in Mainz are better equipped than their colleagues in SOWETO while only serving a fraction of SOWETO’s size and population.

Visitors from Germany

Sunday, 28. November 2010

It has been quite a while our guest room was occupied; actually while the FIFA WM.

Today Gudula, Stefan, and Bernulf did arrive. We had planned for a typical South African welcome – a Braai at the picnic zone in the Rietvlei Nature Reserve.

So far we had little rain this summer, and we are missing the phantastic storms we had last year every night. But when we left O.R.Tambo, it was starting pouring with rain. Nevertheless we decided heading towards Rietvlei. And since the Freeway was blocked for whatever reason we took a route thru the hinterland. Approaching Rietvlei it had stopped raining.

Almost directly behind the gate the first ostriches, then some antelopes in the distance, and Zebras -also pretty far, so we took a detour to get closer.

Once we arrived at the picnic zone it started raining again. Left the car, crossed the picnic area and waited the rain to stop under the thatch of the bird watching shelter on the dam.

We then decided to watch out for some more game, but rather have the braai at home, rather than giving it a try whether the weather would allow here.

I presume it was rather successful game watching for our guests, although a bit in the distance. Within their first 5 hours in Africa: Ostrich, Wildebeest, Zebra, Waterbuk, Hippo, Buffalo, and Rhino, not to mention all the exotic birds.

Today is the day

Sunday, 28. November 2010

that first time pieces of Monique’s art work are shown publicly in South Africa.

The Unity Gallery is situated in the Bus Factory (3 President Street, Johannesburg) one of the many former industry building in that area, that recently have been rededicated. So a district that only a couple of yeras ago has been down-and-out today is known the Cultural Precinct.

The Unity Gallery has become well recognised amongst city creatives for the wild and weird art it produces, and also for the bizarre collection of people who gather there.

Today was the launch of the last show for this year, with Mongezi Ncaphayi supporting the launch with a bit of freestyle sax.

The group exhibition running until next year is featuring work from:

Molefe Twala
Rudi Trap
Prince of Newtown
Leobhang Goge
Nadine Field
Lehlohonolo Dhlamini
Ayanda Mzantsi
Robyn Field
Monique van Klev