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Software comes to you

Wednesday, 13. October 2010

is the theme of today’s all day marketing event at Turbine Hall.

It has been a very long day, but 500+ delegates from customers and business partners, insightful presentations, uncountable valuable talks and a great venue. Kudos to the SWG marketing team.

The Turbine Hall was built as Johannesburg’s Jeppe Street Power Station, the last and largest of three steam-driven power stations built in Newtown to supply electricity to the city. Constructed between 1927 and 1934 it consisted originally of a shorter Turbine Hall and a single “North Boiler House”. In 1934 the “South Boiler House” was built, extending the Turbine Hall.
The plant was shut down in 1961 but because of expansion in Johannesburg’s Central Business District during the mid-60s the Turbine Hall was re-equipped to be used as a standby and for peak loading periods. It continued to function through the 70s.
From that time Newtown was experiencing its own decline as a result of the then City Council’s indecision about the area. By 2000 more than 300 squatters had occupied the then derelict building. The ownership issue was resolved in 2003.
Today the Turbine Hall houses the offices of AngloGold Ashanti and other businesses, and is home to the forum company’s conference and wedding venue.

Newtown today
Originally Newtown started was a racially mixed working class district, where bricks were manufactured. Through the years the area has seen forced removals take place, has been an agricultural trade hub and also the producer of much of Johannesburg’s power. Today creativity flows through Newtown whether it be in music, theater, art or dance. The area is home to museums, theaters, restaurants, art galleries, dance studios, craft markets, live performances and night spots.

Masonja – Mopani Worms

Tuesday, 12. October 2010

have only been one dish of about 30, that made the up the buffet menu at GRAMADOELAS, but since it has been my first time to taste they are worth the title of the blog entry.

I offered a colleague from the US to give him a ride downtown to Turbine Hall for the rehearsal for tomorrow’s event. Since being already late, and not having done the groceries, I called Monique proposing having diner downtown. The idea was dropping of Derick, and moving on.

Well I had to drive onto the parking lot of Turbine Hall, so we took the chance having a look at the venue. We met the marketing folks and learned the rehearsal, was more a mike check and double checking that the most current version of the presentation was loaded, lasting barely 15 minutes. So we invited Derick joining for diner, and decided checking out a new place – highly recommended by somebody, who already gave us great tips.

GRAMADOELAS, an “Exotic South African Restaurant” (that is how they position themselves), is situated at the Market Theatre in Newtown. Entering you are welcomed by the aromas of spices and delicacies, even before the waiters can greet you and offer a table. It has a great atmosphere, and you can dine out-site as well – very important for the smokers amongst us.

Back to the worms. The taste was a bit resembling to prawns, but a bit more nuttily -similar texture too, but a bit softer.

Masonja, is high in protein, minerals, vitamins, phosphorus, zinc, calcium and iron and is widely distributed throughout southern, central and Eastern Africa. Its distribution in southern Africa follows that of its primary host plant, the mopane tree that occurs in a broad band extending form the northern parts of South Africa into zimbabwe and Botswana and west into Namibia. In SA it is mostly found in the Limpopo province.

The harvesting and sale of mopane worms is a multi-million Rand industry in Southern Africa.Mopane worms are considered to be a profitable harvest, as a mere 3 kilogramme of feed (mopane leaves) will generally yield 1 kilogramme of mopane worms: in contrast, cattle farming requires 10 kilogrammes of feed to generate 1 kilogramme of beef; thus the worms are a low-cost, low-maintenance, high-protein foodsource.

Now it is summer … finally

Sunday, 10. October 2010

Each night the last three days there was a storm arising. Each day a bit stronger and closer. Today we got the first rain at our place – but it wasn’t yet one of these awesome storms.

We are still waiting for, but now it is summer.