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Soaking wet

Thursday, 14. October 2010

that is what we got when running from the Whiteboy Shebeen to our car in the parking lot.

Although just around the corner from our place we only got aware of the Whiteboy Shebeen a couple of days ago. An empty fridge and hunger let us go there today. It so happened that our first visit of the place coincided with the launch event of  regular Live Jazz every Thursday.

They say about themselves: “As our cultural divide continues to converge so too does the way we socialize and entertain. Set in the heart of the Sandton township, The Whiteboy Shebeen provides a relaxed location in this urban jungle we inhabit.
With culinary twists and an ethnic and eclectic wine cellar we aim to provide an experience as opposed to just an outing.

Whilst the name Shebeen has been accepted in the South African vocabulary, it is in reality derived from Gaelic and means “Little Mug”. A shebeen was a venue usually in a private home where friends gathered to share a “dram” of whiskey together on which no excise had been paid and it evolved into a warm and friendly venue, where the hosts offered food and drink to guests.”

What else can you say?
Relaxed atmosphere, good food at reasonable price – for sure not the last time we will be seen at the Whiteboy Shebeen.