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Liliesleaf Farm

Saturday, 2. October 2010

We have been close to Liliesleaf Farm when we did geo-caching with Lars-Olof in March, but so far we didn’t visit this heritage site. Inspired by an invitation of the IWJ we spent half a day there. Situated in residential Rivonia you barely can imagine that this has been a rural area in the 1960s,  and how this place could have been once the headquarters of Umkhonto we Sizwe, the military wing of the ANC and the Congress Alliance.

But the insightful and interactive museum experience indeed  provides a first-hand account of the events and circumstances leading up to the infamous raid of the Rivonia farm, as well as insights into some of the revolutionary personalities who helped to shape South Africa’s democracy.

Liliesleaf definitely is worthwhile a visit. But to really profit from the interactive displays you should plan for a day, and make sure that your guided tour does not exceed 10 people. Since there is a nice cafeteria on the site, you always can have a break in between, re-energize, and go back to historical research.

It is a pity, that – according to the guides – again too little South Africans visit that site.