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We deserved it …

Friday, 1. October 2010

after two very hectic quarter-end weeks (not coming home before 9 PM), going out for diner.

We choose for the first time the Bellagio, which is considered a very popular restaurant. Somebody from the JWC mentioned the last time she had been there, she did run into Morgan Freeman.

We took the chance going without a reservation – it is just a ten minutes drive from our place – and we’ve been lucky, we got a table. The place itself is nice, but really not something special. But the food was great, and we had a nice bottle of Malbec – not sure whether I ever had a Malbec.
Long known as one of the six grapes allowed in the blend of red Bordeaux wines, the grape became less popular in Bordeaux after 1956 when  frost killed off 75% of the crop. And it is not very common in South Africa neither, most likely because  Malbec is very susceptible to various grape diseases and viticultural hazards-most notably frost, coulure, downey mildew  and rot. Enough viticulture talk!

We enjoyed very much  our Vrede en Lust (Peace and Eagerness) Mocholate Malbec 2009. Only afterward we encountered that we’ve not been the only ones loving it. We learned that it has been voted best Red on show at the RMB WineX Cape Town 2010. The Vrede en Lust winefarm is one of the oldest (founded in 1688) in the Franschhoek wine valley, but a very innovative too. It’s a wine farm in production, that provides accommodation, is home to the highly rated Cotage Fromage country bistro and deli, offers wine tasting, vine yard and cellar tours. And last not least is Susan Erasmus the women winemaker of the year 2007.

So we now have another destination on our getaway list: Vrede en Lust