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Sunday, 19. September 2010

It took me a year to unpack my bike. But now it is ready for at least spinning.  So there is no longer an excuse for gaining weight and losing fitness, but that the food here is so delicious.


Saturday, 18. September 2010

This year my birthday was just about relaxing. Quite unusually I was still asleep when at about 8 Monique kissed me for a good morning. Getting up we left the house for a small breakfast at Fournos. Moving on towards a day spa, where at 11 AM Monique had booked a massage for us.

Afterwards we made our way to Irene Dairy Farm. This is a farm about two third the way to Pretoria, that is in operation sine 1895. In the farm shop you can buy raw milk, cream, cheese, milk-tart and lots of other delicatessen. Additionally they run a farm cafe and a restaurant. We had a farmstyle lunch and afterwards a walk between the stables and the grazing land.

Heading back to Jozi we were invited at Grant’s and Christine’s place. We spent the afternoon and night with my best man and Monique’s maid of honour on the roof deck enjoying a beautiful sunset, delicious braai, great wines and good talks and laughter.

Where has the spring gone?

Tuesday, 14. September 2010

It seems to be summer already!

Temperatures the last two days were touching the 30 degrees mark, and talking to a customer in Mpumalanga today, I learned that there it was above 35 degrees Celsius.

But one thing creates inescapable awareness of spring. The air is full of heavy scent of flowers and blooming trees.