SPINATHON in aid of Kidney Beanz Trust

25. September 2010 by Ludger

The Kidney Beanz trust was established to provide the comprehensive support children with severe kidney disease a nd their families need, in order to ensure access to treatment and the chance of a successful treatment outcome. In order to deliver the best care possible for the patients of the Morning- side Children’s Kidney Treat- ment Centre, it is imperative to support them and their families in non-medical ways such as psychosocial support, educational opportunities, transport and communication grants and accommodation for families from out of the area, or simply for relief care.

The Spinathon this year took place for the third time calling cyclist and fitness freaks to participate for raising funds. The challenge is for 1, 2, or 3 – 1 hour long spinning classes in a row. I used to do 2 hours quite often once I was member of the Fit-In Nidderau, but this was some years ago. So I did subscribe for one hour only – the first session at 7 AM.

You may think I am nuts. On a Saturday morning getting  up at a quarter past 5, leaving home before 6 AM to be at the venue in time – and all for suffering an hour on a spinning bike. And imagine Monique did join me. No, not on the bike, but for moral support.

One hour was enough!

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