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After a rather long travel …

Sunday, 5. September 2010

… I finally reached Warsaw Hilton.

I left home at a quarter past 4 yesterday afternoon. Monique brought me to the Sandton Gautrain station. In 2 minutes from Sandton to Marlboro, in exactly 15 minutes from Sandton to the airport – not just to the airport, but in the terminal. Great stuff!

I did arrive Zurich this morning, after 10:30 hours with almost no sleep. It’s not really fun traveling coach, and even better if the backrest of your seat goes only half way back. There was no chance to get another place since the Swiss Airbus was completely booked.
A friend of mine for many years picked me up, I had a shower, then a nice breakfast together, and then I took a 2 hours nap.

Luckily Switzerland joined Schengen meanwhile.
We left my friends place 5 past 4 – boarding 4:30, entering the airport area – traffic jam!
No passport control – super;
took the business/first class fast track to security – quickly;
searching for the gate, A6 is somewhat hidden in Klothen – unnecessary Adrenaline.
When stepped down the stairs to the gate, they were asking for volunteers flying on Monday only. They said, they had to use a smaller aircraft due to construction work on Warsaw runway.
Boarding almost immediately.

It was real a small aircraft – a Saab 2000 ; 2 hours to Warsaw.

From South African spring to Polish autumn.