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Spring Potjie Day

Wednesday, 1. September 2010

is almost a South African holiday – at least IBM Software Group South Africa celebrates Spring Potjie Day.

This is a get together at the Zoo Lake fueled by a competition for a floating Trophy – a mini potjie.

The rules:

  1. Choose a team, give it a name
  2. In the spirit of team-building, be sure to include someone you do not know
  3. You can get as creative as you like with your cooking and theme
  4. Aim to cater for about 14
  5. Teams are responsible for all expenses
  6. No braai facilities – you may not make fires on the ground
  7. Bring your own Weber to make the fire in, or gas bottles / equipment
  8. Potjie pot, tables, chairs, cutlery, preparation equipment
  9. Bring your own decorations
  10. Gazebos are a good idea
  11. Please bring Black Rubbish bags as everyone needs to ensure clean up before we leave

So it is about cooking, and I finally learn to know what these strange, three-legged, black, cast-iron pots are for.

I can tell you, what you can do with is delicious.

Or, to use a South African word: lekker

(Don’t have access to¬† the pictures at the moment – will post them later, and notify accordingly)