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Unplugged Joy of Jazz

Thursday, 5. August 2010

Coincidentally I came across this programme onĀ ETV last night featuring BLK Sonshine.

BLK (read “black”) Sonshine that is Masuko Chipembere and Neo Muyanga. They performed on the rooftops of JOZI CBD their fusion of hip hop, jazz and traditional African influences, blending soulful melodies and percussive flurries over unplugged guitars.

Great stuff!

They closed with but “Nkosi” from the album “Good Life”.

It’s the chorus that gets you, but they even bring their emcee skills to the table with Masauko rapping,

“I searched through the city on the way to the self/ got lost in the madness tryna be someone else/ like the rest of these brothas, lettin them books collect dust on the shelf/ forfeit my spiritual for material wealth/ I needed a path/ I took a bath in bass/ Let earth rhythms take my spirit to a higher place”

Definitely worth a word of mouth!
Just click and listen.