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Becoming CEO again?

Saturday, 24. July 2010

Not at IBM, where I don’t have my own office, nor even a fixed desk, were own appliances are forbidden, and the compliance officer is just around the corner.

Joking aside, if we are missing something here so far – it is lacking our daily Espressos or Cappuccinos. Having left our machines behind in Germany we are no longer self-sufficient, and getting one takes some effort. Although there are coffee shops offereing decent cappucinos etc. not having access to whenever you want is not nice.

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We continuously adopt the city and discover more and more places we really like. One of our current favorites is 44 Stanley Avenue. This is a block of former workshops refurbished and turned into a number of shops of fashion designers, bookstores, antiques, gastronomy. Amongst them a bakery using organic grown stone milled flour and tradtional recepies providing great sourdough bread, fantastic traditional baguettes, and delicious brioches etc.

And there is a fairtrade coffee roasters that sell amongst others selective espresso machines. We have pretty much made up our minds, and barely can wait sipping our first self brewed Espresso in South Africa