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South African jokes

Thursday, 1. July 2010

“Bro, I don’t get this.
Each time I want to go to a Vuvuzela concert, they are kicking off a football game”

“I don’t blame the Germans that they have beaten England. But I ask you must they have slaughtered them? Couldn’t they have given some mercy?”
“Well, but they have demonstrated great mercy!”
“What do you mean?”
“They made the life of the English so easy.”
“The only question they have to answer today is ‘chicken or beef?'”

And then there the numerous woman and vuvuzela jokes. This one probably the basic for lots of variations:

“What is the difference between a vuvuzela and a woman?”
“One is a constant droning noise in your ear that gives you a headache. The other is a plastic trumpet.”

Radio stations broadcasting such jokes not to be blamed sexist often counter with other jokes like this:

“A couple is contemplating what to do on the weekend (in 2010 free time).
He: Let’s sit together and think about.
She: I disagree with this proposal. let’s do something you are able to too.”