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Getting prepared for an adventure

Saturday, 31. July 2010

We intend to see the Victoria Falls, but instead the easy way, we might go for an adventure.

There are numerous packages including airfare and accommodation these days to go to the Victoria Falls at reasonable cost. Instead we go by car. And, we don’t go straight, but with Thabi, our home help, and Mylos, our gardener as local guides we go via the rural areas in Zimbabwe to see their families. Thabi’s daughter grows 13 at August 13, and we want to be there as a birthday surprise.

Lot’s of preparational work needs to be done. Finding accommodation in Victoria Falls is probably the most easy, getting a visa should not be an issue but cost. The most challenging is calculating how long it will take us to get there. Thabi’s place not even has a name, so how should our GPS guide us?

Today we met to do some planning. Finally we started Google maps trying to find their place. We started at the closest place displayed on our old scale 1:4.000.000 map, Nkayi. Switching to satellite mode and constantly zooming in and zooming out to find the dirt road to her home place. It turned out being  very challenging, because Thabi and Mylos saw satellite pictures for their first time, so they had not really an idea how the landscape looks from above. It took us about two hours to indentify Mdengelele Primary School, which is close to her place.

With this we have now at least target coordinates close by. Now we only need to arrive there at daylight.

Last Sunday’s Post needs Clarification – Egg Coddler

Tuesday, 27. July 2010

Gia’s is a place, almost around the corner, we like pretty much for breakfast.  Being on the premises of a nursery it offers a very nice atmosphere: small tables in between trees and lilacs connect openess and intimacy.

Sometimes Monique likes to challenge the staff, ordering right from the menue would be much too easy. This time she ordered with her fresh fruit salat, two eggs in a glas with brown toast and a long spoon.

Bafana, our waiter, listed the order with disbelief but delievered (see pic from last Sunday). While Monique did expect someting like on the picture adjacent.

The most simple variant: Boil an egg for four minutes, peel it and put it in a heated glas; add some chives and freshly ground black pepper.

More sophisticated: butter a little soufflé mould, carefully pour an egg (or two in), drizzle a spoon of fresh cream over the egg white, and put the moulds for 10 minutes in a bain-marie at 170 degrees. Serve with dill and freshly ground black pepper.

Fancy: put a slice of smoked salmon, or some prawns on the bottom of the mould, then continue like above.

It never rains in South Africa

Monday, 26. July 2010

Yes, I know the old Albert Hammond song title is “It never rains in Southern California” , and it wasn’t about never raining there (actually it sings “it seems, it never rains in …”), and in the chorus Hammond sings  “It never rains in California, but girl don’t they warn ya. It pours, man it pours.”

So in South Africa, where we have our storms every day in summer, but in winter time usually it doesn’t rain at all. This afternoon all collegues got nervous. Pointing at the sky they either said, “You can’t go now, you will get all wet ’till you reach the car” or “You need to go now now, since it will be pouring with rain, and traffic will be a nightmare”.
And indeed the sky looked even more as if there was a snowfront with heavy snowfall to expect. But over the last couple of days it has become pretty warm. And finally there was no rain at all.
No drop of rain for four months now!