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White Frost

Friday, 18. June 2010

Having a look out of our kitchen window while preparing my coffee I realize, there is white frost on the windscreen of our neighbour’s car.

It is eight o’clock, and the car already in full sunshine.

Oh my God ….

Wednesday, 16. June 2010

What happened to Bafana Bafana? They were just a shadow of their former self. Nothing of what they have shown in the opening game was visible. That is too sad!

And the red card for Khune, to me it was a too harsh decision. The Uruguay striker was off-site, and the slow-motion showed they contacted just with the tip of the toe the striker being in the air. But the fall was marvellous.

I don’t blame the referee, both off-site and foul was difficult to see, but the decision was harsh – heart breaking.
No doubt Bafana Bafana was not in a condition to win, but 0 : 3, that well might be the end of all dreams.

FIFA rules

Wednesday, 16. June 2010

Today 13 Dutch women had to appear at court for ambush marketing. While the first game of the Netherlands they were wearing uniformed orange mini-skirts , what was perceived promoting a Dutch beer. This is against the regulations on marketing imposed by FIFA.