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I refuse

Monday, 14. June 2010

joining a group that intentionally or unintentionally supports the next wave of colonialism.

I got invited today joining the “Ban the Vuvuzela” group on one of the social networks.  I denied.

FIFA has bought a whole country for a month – to celebrate itself. The country, the people don’t count at all. Not only that ticket pricing is not affordable to a huge part of the population, but people are taking their source of income. Accommodation and air tickets got blocked en masse for months, driving prices through the roof, and then given back to the suppliers with (almost) no order. Hawkers around the stadiums and fan zones – NEIN (the -Swiss- German word for No! Forbidden!), Parking guides – Nein, … I could continue for ages.  The biggest breweries of the world is South African, but guess what is sold? – Anhaeuser-Busch.
The Vuvuzelas are noisy, no doubt. But who ever did complain about the noise of San Siro? It was perceived as the melody of that famous Milan stadium, like the crying of twelve cylinders at 19000 RPM is perceived as music in the ears of Ferraristi. What about fireworks elsewhere, although forbidden much more dangerous for bystanders than the Vuvuzela you easily can protect (if necessary) by simple ear plugs?
Nobody is forced to like mass cultures – I never liked German Volksmusik, and many other things – but asking for banning?

This forum invite as many others infuse my scepticism towards the so called social networks.
Just look at all the discussion and blogs around Waka Waka (the 2010 Worldcup song). It is about likes and dislikes Shakira. That there is a South African band (Freshlyground), a real rainbow band behind doesn’t matter, and most of the contributors most likely not even know.

I am in South Africa now for nine months. And I am happy that there are at least the Vuvuzelas prohibiting a sterile and completely Eurocentric mainstream. I don’t need this kind of globalzation where everything everywhere smells, tastes, sounds just the same.

And then that attitude of many of the contributors, full of hidden hatred and arrogance:  We got the exclusive possession what is is true soccer fandom. And if there is deviation, we call authorities to ban, what we don’t like.

Shut up guys, and stay at home. And there is nobody who prevents you from switching off your TV!