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Unite in a Human Chain

Wednesday, 9. June 2010

At 11:45 a crowd did convene at the parking in front of Block C to join in the human chain showing support for Bafana Bafana.

No official IBM participation (unlike other companies) but the IBM marketing director at least did promote the event.

Wearing the supporter shirt, waving the flag, and blowing the vuvuzela we left IBM Park – more dancing than marching three blocks down towards corner of Maude & West Streets.

It resembles to a miracle that I was able to find Monique in that crowd.

There was an estimate of 100.000 people in the streets of Sandton CBD.

Can you imagine German police watching the crowd, while letting them dance on their cars? (Moments later one couldn’t recognise that this was a Police car, since like the bus it was full of people)

When finally the team came in an open double-decker bus, the air was filled with the sound of the Vuvuzelas.