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Wishful Thinking?

Wednesday, 30. June 2010

Met a government customer today. After the meeting we had some soccer smalltalk.

He said: ” I bet on a Ghana – Germany final”

(And his statement was not a courtesy to myself. He asked some collegues to counterbid.)

Kids meet Kids

Wednesday, 23. June 2010

We “force” all our visitors for a SOWETO tour,
not with a commercial tour operator, but with Phaphama (, an NGO that runs community based tourism initiative to generate funds for their community work and generate income for the people (often unumployed) who guide or host these visits.
The kids were doubtful whether a SOWETO tour was feasible since they had got tickets for the Germany game on that very day (June 23rd).

What a surprise when we told that Soccer City was in SOWETO. So no resitance touring SOWETO the day, watching the game the evening and even staying over night.
One unique feature of community based tourism with Phaphama is the flexibility organizing the tour according to special interests.
Severine was wondering how the local women manage to carry their babies on their backs just wrapped with a blanket.

So why not asking how it works while visiting a kindergarten in an informal settlement in SOWETO?

Directly interacting with the locals, sharing their table manners – for sure a lasting experience.

Too sad

Tuesday, 22. June 2010

it is over for Bafana Bafana.
They played well today, and had chances to score more, but were unlucky.

If there was not the unjustified red card in the second game, there would have been no 0 : 3, and who knows …?

But South Africa can be proud about the boys, and I am sure it will continue being great hosts.