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I like this summer

Tuesday, 25. May 2010

… ups… they call it here upcoming winter.

But what can you say with decades of  central European experience, if you encounter sunshine from sun raise to sunset without a single cloud, and day temperatures in the mid twenties.

Okay, okay it gets chilly rather quickly at sunset, temperatures dropping by 10 degrees within an hour, and when I leave home for work in the morning between 7 and 8 the thermometer shows only around 10.

For sure my German compatriots would find enough reason to complain.

I am happy that I don’t need to share this mood!

Football Fever has reached IBM, finally

Friday, 14. May 2010

The Football Friday initiative has been launched in South Africa in September 2009 already to build support and enthusiasm for the 2010 world cup. And it has taken off a while ago. As reported I am encountering football shirts wearing counterparts on  my customer’s sites since a couple of weeks.

Now our management has called for Football Fridays until the start of the world cup. Meanwhile SWG already had taken initiative inviting for a first come together to practise the Disky Dance today at lunch time. Everbody got asked to bring some food and share, and of course wearing the soccer jersey of choice.

I will publish pics as soon as available.

Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched

Monday, 3. May 2010

Seems I should not have gushed about the South African winter!

It is proving me wrong today: rainy, cold,  awful