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50 Days to Go

Wednesday, 21. April 2010

and some of my customers are celebrating. And actually the bank was reserving the parking place next to their headquarters for this.

Educating the Diski Dance is one of the activities.

Diski comprises a series of soccer moves. In Diski, every move has a name and there are different names from different parts of the country. Some are in Tswana, others Zulu, Sotho and even English. So the following sequence can be varied pretty much.

Usually it starts with the Juggle “Teka” in township lingo. (Juggle the imaginary soccer ball from your left foot to your right foot and back again.)
The HEADER – simply bounce the imaginary ball on your head.
The TABLE MOUNTAIN – position yourself bent over with your back flat like a table. The ball needs to be kept behind your back.
The TREPA – after holding the ball from behind your neck, flick it over your head and hold it on your foot. Now kick the ball twice with your right foot.
THE BRIDGE“Brija” in local speak. Pass the ball over with your right foot over your left foot and back again four times. Now end the dance with kicking the ball into the back of the net.


Let me know if you want to learn, and I will post some lessons.