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Almost forgotten skills needed

Wednesday, 28. April 2010

We bought fire irons and firewood, we still got lighters from the last Braai,
but starting a fire was a challenge.

I don’t know the quirks of our fireplace,
and in addition –
rainy weather doesn’t the improve the draught of any chimney.

Finally I got it lighted, without transforming the master bedroom into a a smokehouse.

Would the fireplace be useful at all to heat the house? Most likely not being situated on the first level.

Well, it’s more about a romantic atmosphere than about cosy temperatures. – You can’t always get what you want.

Freedom Day

Tuesday, 27. April 2010

Freedom Day is an annual celebration of South Africa’s first non-racial democratic elections of 1994. Peace, unity, the preservation and the restoration of human dignity hallmarks Freedom Day celebrations on the 27th of April of each year.

The road to democracy was a long and difficult one. Since the arrival of the White man at the Cape in 1652, the indigenous peoples of South Africa came under White control and domination. Soon all peoples of colour were denied the vote and hence a say in the running of the country. South Africa was never truly independent nor democratic. The exclusion of the majority of South Africans from political power was at the centre of the liberation struggle and resistance to white minority rule.

Mandela casting his vote in 1994

Freedom Day is for all South Africans.
When South Africa was liberated both the oppressor and the oppressed were liberated. In the spirit of patriotism and promoting social cohesion all South Africans are called to be part of Freedom Day celebrations. Government reafirms its commitment to consolidate democracy and promote cultural diversity and social cohesion in South Africa.

Damned cold

Monday, 26. April 2010

Since Saturday weather is proving expectations wrong. We knew that winter in Jo’burg can be chilly, after all we are at almost 1800 m above sea level. But we were told that there was only blue skies in winter, so that during the day temperature would be rather convenient.

This was true until last Friday, chilly in the morning and at night, but still more than 20 degrees Celsius during the day. Since then covered skies, and quite some rain.

So we need to buy fire wood – wondering whether the fireplace in our master bedroom is good for more than romantic moments. And need to check what heater to buy – electric oil radiator, electric fan, or gas heater – since we have no heating at all.